Thanks for your is your receipt

February 21, 2019


When your organization receives a donation of an amount over $250.00, you must make sure that a Charitable Receipt is given to the Donor. The Charitable receipt can be in the form of a formal letter, an email, or even a form as long as it requests the following information from the Donor:

  • The Non-Profit’s Name

  • The Non-Profit’s EIN

  • The Non-Profit’s Phone Number

  • Date

  • Donor’s Name

  • Circle One: Cash/Check Donation or Item Donation

  • Description of the donation

  • Amount of the donation or estimated value of goods or services donated

  • The name and Signature of Non-Profit recipient of the donation

Your non-profit organization should not place a value on items donated – that is the responsibility of the Donor.




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