Attention Event Planners:

We Provide Non-Profit Screening & Non-Profit Concierge Services for your Events

As an event planner, you may be retained by a client to plan a charity ball, black-tie dinner, a festival, or fundraising concert. You will work your magic to create the perfect event experience while we will work behind the scenes to make sure that the money raised from the event goes to a valid and effective charity. 

Do you have an event planned, but you need to select a charity beneficiary?

Example: Your client asks you to plan an event and wants the event to benefit one or more charities that support ocean conservation so you call us.

  • We will conduct a search to identify non-profits that fit your desired qualifications. 

  • We will review the financials, the makeup of the Board of Directors, and other relevant information of each proposed non-profit. 

  • Then, we will prepare a summary of our findings to you so that the most effective and appropriate non-profit. 

Example: You are planning an event and your client suggests that some of the proceeds will be donated to a specific charity. 

  • We will acquire and review financial information, Board Member information, and press and publications, and other relevant information to perform an analysis of the non-profit. 

  • Then, we will prepare a summary of our findings to you so that you and your client can be comfortable knowing that the money that is donated is going to have a strong effect on the non-profit's designated cause.  

Have you selected a charity beneficiary for an event, but you want to confirm that the

non-profit is worthy of a donation?

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This website provides general information about non-profits and the non-profit industry. This website does not provide legal advice and the Non-Profit Assistance Corp. is not a law firm. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists or will be formed between you and the Non-Profit Assistance Corp. or any of our Consultants.