Phase 1: Planning

The planning phase will determine whether you have everything that you need in place to start a non-profit. Being diligent at this stage can almost assure that you will be able to start a non-profit with little resistance from the IRS. We charge one low flat-fee of $500 for Phase 1. 

Developing the Mission Statement

The mission statement of a non-profit is very important for many reasons. First, it is used by the IRS to determine whether your organization meets the requirements to be granted a tax-exempt status. Next, it serves as a PR tool by attracting board members, staff, volunteers, and donors to your cause. It also sets the scope of what services the organization will provide. 

Selecting Board Members

Selecting your Board Members is one of the most crucial steps in the formation of a non-profit organization. This Board will make decisions that will impact the direction, growth, and goals of the non-profit. Both the IRS and state law require that a certain number of Board Members are appointed. Board members are also accountable to supporters, beneficiaries, and to each other. Due to the authority and responsibility that falls upon the Board Members, it is crucial that the qualifications of potential Board Members are carefully reviewed.  

Non-Profit Name Search

Identification of Possible Conflicts of Interest

For Board Members of nonprofit organizations, conflicts of interest occur whenever a director acts in a position of authority on an issue in which they have financial or other interests.  In cases of potential conflict of interest, directors must act to preserve and enhance public trust in the organization by putting the interests of the organization ahead of all other business and personal interests. Relationships of the Board Members, Officers, Vendors, and contracted 3rd parties must be analyzed to identify potential conflicts. 


The name of the non-profit will attract attention to the organization's cause and will be the organization's brand.  It is important to do a search to ensure that your organization selected a unique name that can be registered. 

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