Phase 4: Donations, Fundraising, & Grants

We provide flat fee options for all of our work. We customize our packages to your non-profit's specific needs.

Fundraising Disclosures

Many states require solicitation disclosure statements on all non-profit marketing materials mailed to potential donors in their states. Failure to include the required disclosures may result in the non-profit being barred from soliciting funds from donors on that state. 

Fundraising Plans

Your fundraising plan needs to be crafted with several things in mind, such as unrelated business taxable income, conflicts of interest, and solicitation restrictions. Issues with any of these may result in the loss of the non-profit's tax-exempt status. 

Identifying/Applying to Grants

Your non-profit may be eligible for grant money from various sources. Our grant writers will help you identify appropriate grants and apply for them. 

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